stuff I like: WishGarden Serious Cough

You guys, this stuff is magic:


WishGarden Serious Cough

I discovered this stuff a couple months ago and have been recommending it to any and everyone who has a cough ever since. My son (4 yr old) had a pretty bad cough which was worse when he went to bed, which meant no sleep for anyone. We hooked up the humidifier, used Vicks and doTERRA oils but it made minimal difference. So I went to Whole Foods looking for some mullein extract/oil because mullein is known to be good for respiratory problems and because whenever possible I prefer natural remedies (especially for kids). I found some mullein oil but also saw various other natural remedies available, so I stood in the aisle at Whole Foods for about 20 minutes googling reviews on each product. This one had only a few reviews on Amazon but they were all positive so I gave it a try…within 10 minutes of taking it, my son’s cough was almost non-existent, IT WAS LIKE MAGIC.

A few comments:

  • It does not taste good: I can handle it ‘straight’ but for my son I mix it with a  fruit smoothie drink because regular fruit juice is not thick enough to mask the taste.
  • It’s kinda pricey: the first two times I got it on sale for about $15, the last time I had to pay full price ($20).
  • Where to buy: Whole Foods carries it, you can also find it on Amazon, or directly from WishGarden. There is also a Find A Store feature on the WishGarden website which shows stores that carry their products.
  • Dosage: For my son (4 yrs old) I used half the recommended dosage and that was enough.

I also bought another product from WishGarden, Kick-Ass Immune Activator, but just a couple days ago realized I was using the wrong dosage…I thought it said “2-3 drops” but it says “2-3 droppers full”…oops, that probably explains why it didn’t seem to do anything…but I will post if it ends up being MAGIC too  😉

UPDATE: While visiting family over the holidays, everyone was one-by-one coming down w a flu-like stomach bug, Sharky & I took the Kick-Ass Immune Activator regularly and it seems to work because we didn’t get sick! I tried to get my nieces to take it but they couldn’t handle the taste. Anyway, Kick-Ass Immune Activator – also magic.

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