my style: earrings

I loooooooooooooove big/dangling/statement earrings and have quite a collection, currently there are five that I wear regularly. They all fall into the ‘contemporary’ Native art category…I guess that’s my thing right now – anyway, here’s my current rotation…


  1. Glam Fam Quill earrings – These porcupine quills encased in acrylic are by Ojibwe artist Tashina Lee Emery. I recently purchased these online from Beyond Buckskin Boutique and I looooooove them. They are so different and gorgeous. This was also my introduction to Tashina’s work and I am definitely a fan, I love her use of natural materials in a contemporary setting…I suspect this will not be my last purchase from her.
  2. oblong turquoise earrings – My go-to earrings because even though they are long, the oblong shape makes them more subtle so that they can go with even the most casual outfit. I picked these up at the annual Arts & Craft Market at Kewa Pueblo (also known as Santo Domingo Pueblo), their market is every  year during Labor Day weekend. If you can make it, they have a good selection of Native art with reasonable prices…also, food.
  3. copper/silver oval earrings w turquoise stones – A birthday gift a few years back from my good friend and talented artist Matagi Sorensen of the Yavapai-Apache Nation. Matagi’s aesthetic is contemporary and original, I always get compliments on these ones.
  4. cornstalk statement earrings – Turquoise and silver inlay earrings by Yellowbird Designs from Kewa Pueblo (Santo Domingo Pueblo). I ‘discovered’ their work and purchased these a couple months ago at a local arts and craft fair (at Santa Fe Indian School). These guys make big beautiful statement earrings and I want them all! *drool*
  5. teardrop w silver bead earrings – The large size of these earrings are balanced by the simple and sleek design. These were purchased from a student artist during the annual IAIA powwow last year, the earrings are completely handmade and were apart of her senior project, unfortunately I do not know the artist’s name. IAIA has a few different events throughout the year where student artists sell their work. These are great opportunities to get amazing work for less than average prices…winning!

Which ones are your fav? Any other contemporary Native artists I should check out? 😉

7 thoughts on “my style: earrings

  1. Hello it’s nice to have found your blog, I’m interested in finding out more about Native jewelry made by Native artisans. I’m Mexican and I am love to going back home and purchasing indigenous jewelry directly from indigenous artisans. I recently purchased a similar set of earrings from Tashina Lee Emery the SEALED IN ICE QUILL CIRCLE DROP EARRINGS, I can’t wait to wear them!


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