Hozho Life

I couple weeks ago I proudly posted videos and pics of my newly redecorated home office on my IG story. One of the comments I received was from @hozho_life (a Navajo artist I follow on IG who draws simple and colorful sketches, mostly of Navajo women) suggesting that his drawings would look perfect in the space, well he was right…
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my style: earrings pt. 2 & holiday shopping

Remember that time I was like “oh I’m a blogger now” and then dropped off the face of the earth…well I’m back!

Soooooo…I thought I would show off some of the earrings I have collected in the past few months bc it’s shopping season and maybe you need some ideas. Also, in case you’re in the area (Santa Fe), I provided some info on a few local shopping events…enjoy!

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