my style: earrings pt. 2 & holiday shopping

Remember that time I was like “oh I’m a blogger now” and then dropped off the face of the earth…well I’m back!

Soooooo…I thought I would show off some of the earrings I have collected in the past few months bc it’s shopping season and maybe you need some ideas. Also, in case you’re in the area (Santa Fe), I provided some info on a few local shopping events…enjoy!


I guess if there was a theme to this group of earrings it would be rustic/modern? silver & turquoise? southwest tribes? These are five of my most recent finds but they represent work by only three artists, bc obsessed, apparently 🙃


1 & 5 are by Yellowbird Designs from Kewa Pueblo (Santo Domingo Pueblo). I have a total of three pair from these guys (other ones featured in this post) and I’d happily buy more. If you want to see more of their amazing work, head over to their IG @yellowbirddesigns77 . They also post about different events they will be at…I saw one recently about getting ready for Winter Market 😀

2 is a pair of rustic najas by Marco Arviso (Navajo). This past spring I met Shaina who works for OXDX as their operation manager and she was wearing a similar pair. She gave me the scoop on Marco and his jewelry so I immediately googled him but could not find anything similar online. Then, as luck would have it, a few months later we were in Gallup at the flea market and came across his booth 😀 😀 😀 He has a website but the selection is limited, best to find him in-person if possible. I get so many compliments on these earrings ❤

3 & 4 are both by Jonah Hill (Hopi) aka Lomayoosi Designs . I have been drooling over Jonah’s work for awhile now and this summer I finally had the chance to own some. He was in town during Indian Market for a show at the Eldorado Hotel and I made sure to meet up with him beforehand to get first dibs. Tufta casted jewelry is one of my new obsessions and I love anything asymmetrical…so it was just a matter of how many pairs could I afford. I still have my eye on his cornstalk design 🙂

If you happen to be in Santa Fe within the next couple of weeks, here are a few shopping events to check out…

  1. Santa Fe Indian School 25th Annual Holiday Bazaar we went to this last year and scored some good deals (this is where I first saw Yellowbird Designs). There is a wide range of vendor booths as well as food and music.
    Saturday, December 9, 9am-5pm. SFIS Pueblo Pavilion Wellness Center (the gym). 1501 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87505. not sure if there is an entrance fee.
  2. IAIA 2017 Holiday Art Market Over 80 artists (students, alumni, and other artists). While the one at SFIS is more of an “event” with music, etc. this one has less frill but do not let that fool you, there is some really good work here with very reasonable prices, definitely worth checking out.
    Saturday, December 9, 9am-4pm. IAIA (idk which building, kinda just have to follow the crowd or ask around when you get there). 83 Avan Nu Po Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87508. free.
  3. SWAIA Winder Indian Market The winter version of THE Santa Fe Indian Market. It is definitely a lot smaller than the summer market however still very large (basically takes over all of hotel La Fonda). Art, live music, and Native Santa! More info and complete schedule here.
    Saturday, December 16, 9am-5pm & Sunday, December 17, 10am-3pm. La Fonda on the Plaza. 100 E. San Francisco St, Santa Fe, NM 87501. $10/day or $15 for both.

Happy Shopping 🙂


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