Hozho Life

I couple weeks ago I proudly posted videos and pics of my newly redecorated home office on my IG story. One of the comments I received was from @hozho_life (a Navajo artist I follow on IG who draws simple and colorful sketches, mostly of Navajo women) suggesting that his drawings would look perfect in the space, well he was right…

We brainstormed ideas and he did a few drafts until we settled on a final sketch.
The final product is a typical evening at our house when everyone has come home and I am finishing up work, with my husband making dinner and the babies being the babies 🙂


I also purchased another piece as a gift for my sister to put in her office; she works in education (surprise Steph!)…


I love the simplicity of his drawings. I love how he Navajo-izes everyone. I love that everyone has a tsiiyéél. And I love love LOVE the little girl with the curly tsiiyéél in the second picture ❤

After I received his artwork I absolutely wanted to write about it, so I contacted @hozho_life for a little more info about him and his work…

name: Lorenzo Yazzie (Navajo)
clans: Tótsohnii / Tł’ááshchí’í / Kinyaa’áanii / Ta’neeszahnii
location: originally from Jeddito, AZ but calls Pinon, AZ home

source: hozho_life Instagram

how did you get into art and drawing?
I grew up with art being a big part of my life. My father himself is an artist, not a renowned one, but still one of the greatest in my eyes. My mother, too, loved art. She always had a new arts and crafts project she was doing. My paternal grandmothers are also rug weavers. So you could say I was genetically encoded to get into art.
But there is this one memory of when I got my first art supply set. I was eleven and Toys for Tots was doing their annual gift giveaway in Pinon. This was a day my siblings and I looked forward to every year. We knew our family didn’t have much and we didn’t mind but this was the one day we felt extra special. Like kings and queens.
I remember getting to the Chapter House and seeing a ton of kids already there. From a distance I could see this Crayola Art set. I thought to myself I have to have it. As we approached the truck and got line I remember praying and saying how I would be such a good kid and wouldn’t give attitude to my mom if I got the Crayola Art set. And as luck might have it, I got the art set and I loved the heck out of it! I took it everywhere with me and I took really good care of it. So around 11 was when I could say I finally became an artist.


source: hozho_life Instagram

what’s the back story of the hozho_life IG?
I initially started Hozho Life at the end of October of this year. While looking back on my life I realized I have some pretty amazing, radical, strong, independent, resilient and driven Native women in my life and I really wanted to create art that captured all the qualities and characteristics aforementioned. And I also want my art to act as a reminder to everyone to do things in beauty (Baa Nilłhózhógo). Ultimately, it’s a homage to Native women.


source: hozho_life Instagram

Coming from a matrilineal society and coming from a family of strong, resilient, and powerful women I want honor and respect that through my art because women really are keeping our communities alive, fed, motivated, focused, and so much more.
That’s where the conscious decision came to draw women doing things in beauty. And specifically these drawings, and my first five drawings, were made with shínali (my paternal grandmother ) in mind. Not matter how stressed she was under, pressure or how tired she was she did everything with beauty and love.

how can someone go about purchasing art from you?
I’m currently selling all my 8″x 10″ art works for $10 and charging a flat rate of $4 for shipping and handling, but prices might change after the holidays.
They can be purchased on my Instagram page through direct message or by posting on one of my posts. I am also currently working on getting a website up and running in the new year so it would be easier for my customers to order.


source: hozho_life Instagram


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