Fourth Annual Officially Unofficial Guide to Santa Fe Indigenous Art Market Week

LAST UPDATED: 08/20/21

It’s that time of year again…SANTA FE INDIGENOUS ART MARKET WEEK!

I hesitated about making this due to the pandemic…which is why it’s coming out super late. But I talked to a couple friends and came to the conclusion that people are coming and for those who are vaccinated, there are ways to enjoy your time in a safe manner. So in this year’s guide, I will highlight “COVID safer” events and locations, this basically means that they have outdoor space because if anything has become apparent in the past year, airborne germs spread a lot easier indoors vs out. Please wear a mask, ESPECIALLY INDOORS. As a parent in Santa Fe with children who are too young to be vaccinated, I am worried about an increase in cases here due to the market, I also worry about artists and their families who will travel back home to Indigenous communities and possibly spread it there, please wear a mask so we can all protect each other.

There is an indoor mask mandate for the entire state of New Mexico, please plan accordingly.

There are less events this year than usual, but still a lot going on…

my man & baby girl at market a couple years ago, still funny
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